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Netscape Communications Corporation (originally Mosaic Communications Corporation) was an independent American computer services company with headquarters in Mountain View, California and then Dulles, Virginia. Its Netscape web browser was once dominant but lost to Internet Explorer and other competitors in the so-called first browser war, with its market share falling from more than 90 percent in the mid-1990s to less than 1 percent in 2006. Netscape created the JavaScript programming language, the most widely used language for client-side scripting of web pages. The company also developed SSL which was used for securing online communications before its successor TLS took over.

Here is the Netscape Navigator review conclusion on, "Netscape is a friendly and clean browser with an intuitive interface, but I would not recommend it because it isn't maintained by the developer and there are not available add-ons, themes, modern features like mouse gestures, private browsing and more." They also mention that "It doesn't support online synchronization with other devices and the extensions & themes marketplace is no longer maintained or accessible."


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"customer give payment but website ,seo,adword but work not done paynding 3 to 4 months."

Current Employee - SEO Executive says

"Nothing to suggest right now"

Gee Joseph says

"Customer service iare ride and unprofessional they interrupt while your talking and don't listen. They don't know there own policy. Taken money before it is due!! Then get rude with you when you try to explain what you was told by one of there service people. Ask for a manager to talk to,put me on hold for 15minutes then hung up. Called back they hung up again. The last representative explained but was rude tone of voice!!!!!! Customer service over the phone sucks. The personal customer service is excellent."

Alan Pasler says

"When I asked for a refund due to COVID-19, for a car rental booked on February 28, 2020, Dollar told me that I would have to get it from Hot Wire. Long story short, Hot Wire said that Dollar Rent A Car was "the travel partner" and that Dollar would not refund me either. Dollar told me when I called them, that Hot Wire was the one to have to refund me, and directed me to them. Sounds like a run around to me. Either way, I will NEVER use Dollar Rent A Car ever again."

Greg Bartlett says

"Arrived to the unstaffed rental counter with no directions how to contact anyone. At hertz counter was told minimum of 3 hour wait. After a 75 min wait was called back to the counter and told no cars were available and asked if we could come back in the morning. Told them we’d have to stay in the car rental place, and then less than 5 minutes later was given a downgraded car compared to our reservation. We were grateful to have a car, but were completely stressed out. The car had a large chip in windshield in the drivers line of sight. It also had several scratches. We called customer service the next day to see if we could exchange the car if more had come in, and they would not call to see if cars were now available and advised us just to go there and check, since this is exactly what we wanted to do on our vacation. We went to the San Francisco car rental counter, and once again it was not staffed, and no note where to proceed. We left without speaking with anyone, not wanting to waste any more precious time. Car drop off was fine."

Carl Boedts says

"First and last experience with this rental company. No clear communication. They charge us for extra kilometers (we did 1000 km in 10 days) and had to pay 250 euro extra. Small letters in the contract... Not clear at al. We rented already more than ten times a car with other companies and never had an extra charge. They give the impression to be cheap but after all they are more expensive!!"

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